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Photo of Greg Smith Holding Vol. 1 Junior Braves of the Apoclypse

At some point a good teacher or two told Greg he should write. So he took more classes and he wrote. He wrote a lot. He met Mike Tanner in one of those classes. They wrote more together. They wrote scripts that got accepted into Slamdance, they were finalist. They later found a cool dude named Zach Lehner and he drew the things, all the things. Now the three of them make cool stuff with the AWESOME people at Oni Press (Including Junior Braves of the Apocalypse volumes 1 and 2)!

Greg has also worked on anthology books for Wannabe Press with editor Russell Nohelty and the amazing artist Meescha Dare. In 2017 he went from fan and friend to teammate when he consulted on the Dead Peasant horror comic series "Blood and Gourd" with writer Jenz Lund and artist Jonas Scharf for their third successful Kickstarter.

Most Recently Greg has co-written Starlite with Travis Webb. This was a successful Kickstarter project with issue 2 being worked on by Starlite artist Brett Weldele. It is mix of Superhero’s and Scifi!

Greg also Co-host a few podcast like Nerds from the Crypt, Narrative Gunslingers, and Funny Book Forensics.

Greg and his Wife Anne live in the Pacific Northwest. They have two dogs and one cat. When not trying to turn their house into either “Pee-wee’s Playhouse”, “Double Dare Challenge”, or “Mini Museum” they can be found at toy shows, comic shops, and thrift stores where ever they travel.

Follow Greg and his real life adventures on Twitter and Instagram @ThatAmazingTwit

Follow Greg and his writing on Twitter and Facebook @GKWordSmith

Junior Braves of the Apocalypse can be followed at -

Facebook at JuniorBraves65

Twitter @Juniorbraves65

Instagram @Juniorbraves

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